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About Reading Club Fun!

Our primary goal at Newspaper Fun and Reading Club Fun is to encourage kids to read. Children’s reading levels, according to many studies, are not where they should be. The responsibility for developing our children’s reading, writing and listening skills is shared by all grown-ups who influence a child – parents, grandparents, teachers, librarians and other community members.

We believe that the best way to develop good reading habits is to illuminate the “circle of media” available to our kids. Books hone reading skills and teach kids how to gather information. Newspapers highlight current events and provide in depth news about our local communities – with the bonus of sports scores and photos, comics, recipes, coupons, local events, news about our neighbors. Magazines are bright, cheerful, with short articles on timely fads, fashions, food and other fun. These reading materials have the added benefit of being sized to accompany us on buses and trains, to coffee shops and waiting rooms, and on vacations and trips.

All reading is “good” reading. Some people love to collect and try new recipes. Instructions, directions and rules are valuable reading when we opt to build things, try science experiments, make crafts, sew, play board games or coach sports. Computers, which are very motivational for kids, offer some good reading opportunities: they can read stories, follow program instructions, do research work, and read for enjoyment.

The best reading goals are the ones that will keep kids reading. A variety of reading materials will make the process of learning to read more challenging and more rewarding. If we add a dose of fun to reading activities we can...

Keep Kids Reading!

Thanks, Ann Mills

Creator of Reading Club Fun and Newspaper Fun