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Cultivating a love of reading

Ann Mills has always been a book lover. In addition to reading books, she has worked in public and school libraries and often gives books as gifts to friends and family. And, of course, she developed Newspaper Fun and to encourage all children to read.

About three years ago, Ann learned through a friend about the opening of a small school in Massachusetts. The school had a limited start-up budget and was seeking books for its library.

Ann decided to help. She visited book sales at libraries and community centers. She stopped at yard sales and church tag sales. She looked for bargains at bookstores and on bookseller's web sites. Little by little, she gathered a broad array of quality new and gently used books.

In less than three years, she has been able to donate more than 2,000 books to the school. Many of these are now in the school's library, but there are also many that have been given to students to build their own personal libraries. She also has donated hundreds of prizes of all sizes, providing extra incentives for those who strive to improve their reading.

Ann is not done with her book donations yet. So if you see her hunting at a book sale somewhere in New England, say hello!

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