The Red Pyramid

Review by: Ann M. Mills, M.S.Ed.

This is an exciting, action-filled book – a “fun ride” that even adults may enjoy reading. It starts mysteriously with a note to readers to warn them that they may be getting involved in a “dangerous” adventure. Next the Kane kids, Carter and Sadie, start to expain how it all began, taking turns speaking into a microphone to record the story. (Although I found this technique a bit annoying, I did like the chapters being alternately told by Carter and Sadie to show their unique perspectives of their family and their adventure). The adventure begins with Dr. Kane, an Egyptologist, taking his kids on a visit to a British Museum. Once there, he causes the Rosetta Stone to explode. A “fiery” figure appears, who then challenges Dr. Kane and shockingly makes him disappear right in front of his children! Bewildered, Carter and Sadie begin to uncover their family’s strong connection to Ancient Egypt, its gods and pharaohs! They meet Egyptian magicians, discover what “powers” they themselves have and fight their way through dangers and tasks to try to save their father. This book will stir the reader’s curiousity to learn about life in Ancient Egypt and visit the library to borrow books. Kids might like to try try their hands at drawing some hieroglyphics and making secret codes. The author tells us at the end of the book that magicians really existed in Ancient Egypt and that some of their boxes, curved wands and other items are on exhibit in museums, so a visit to a cool museum may be an eye opener. Oh, and if you like this book, you just know there will be a sequel.